Drinking Habits 2 Tickets on Sale & Cast List

Drinking Habits 2 Tickets on Sale & Cast List

Tickets are now on sale for our upcoming production of Drinking Habits 2 Caught in the Act.

Performance dates for the hilarious sequel to Drinking Habits are Thursday 16th, Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November at Barnwell Village Hall.

“The first Drinking Habits featured the threat of a small convent being closed. Two nuns, Sisters Augusta and Philamena, try to keep the convent open by surreptitiously making and selling wine, labelled “Grape Juice”. 

Two undercover reporters and former fiancés, career-minded Sally and Paul (whom Sally had jilted at the altar) are sent to uncover the plot and are mistaken for a nun, cardinal and visiting priest. Amateur magician, harebrained Father Chenille, believes Paul to be a spy from Rome and makes handyman George impersonate a priest so he can watch him. Mother Superior believes the sweet Sister Mary Catherine is a Vatican imposter with orders to close the convent. 

The two nuns wine wins an International award and saves the convent. Father Chenille and Mother Superior are reconciled as husband and wife and re-united with the children they gave up for adoption, Paul and Mary Catherine. George and Mary Catherine fall in love. Paul proposes to Sally (again) and the play ends with everyone looking forward to them finally getting married !

What on earth can they possibly all get up to next in Drinking Habits 2……..?”

Tickets cost £10 and can be purchased via eventbrite.co.uk, the dedicated link on this website or in person from Lower Farm Bed and Breakfast (01832) 273220.

Cast List

Sister Philamena          Tess Foster

Sister Augusta              Jess MacIntosh

Mother Superior         Jenny Lee

Father Chenille            John Forrest

George Donnelly         Martin Picken

Kate                                Hannah Wise

Sally Andrews              Kate Scott

Paul Billings                 David Marriott

Director                        Martin Marsters

Producer                      Caroline Marriott

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Tickets are typically available 6-8 weeks prior to each production and can be purchased online via www.eventbrite.co.uk , or from Lower Farm Bed and Breakfast (01832) 273220.