2019 Production Fishing for Clues


When Lady Rosemary Huntley arranges for her Russian internet date to visit on the evening of a talk given by prominent Member of Parliament, Ewart Stewart, little does she imagine that her new gentleman friend is not long for this world. The Foreign Office and some offshoot of the KGB are soon in attendance, along with the ever-enthusiastic PC Pendlebury and the less than enthusiastic Detective Inspector Trench, unimpressed at having his fishing holiday interrupted. Trench is determined to get back to the river bank as soon as possible despite finding himself having to sort through a diverse cast of characters each of whom has a motive and opportunity for committing the deadly crime.

Cast List

Det Inspector Trench                Martin Picken
PC Pendlebury                            John Lillyman
Lady Rosemary Huntley           Jenny Lee
Mrs Cable                                     Tess Foster
Ewart Stewart MP                      David Marriott
Lavinia Stewart                           Steph Robinson
Georgiy Chervatov                     Caroline Marriott
The Great Petrovsky                  Caroline Marriott
Beverley Jenkins                         Juliet Wise
Robin Devaney                            Mark Dunn
Natalya Makarova                      Heather Hanlon

Director                                        Martin Marsters

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