2017 Production Write about what you Know


Write About What You Know tells the tale of a group of amateur writers who meet every month in their local scout hut to discuss their work, exchange tips and seek mutual encouragement. But closer examination of the disparate group of writers reveals a whirlwind of love affairs, petty jealousy, rivalry and literary one-upmanship. This is punctuated with readings of often excruciatingly funny amateur penmanship, with everybody encouraged to draw on their own very different experiences to write about what they know.

Annabel Newstead         Jenny Lee
Colin Harbottle               Martin Marsters
Liz Marshall                    Anne Swarbrick
Peter Saltern                   David Marriott
Louise Smith                   Hannah Wise
Edna Ferris                      Heather Hanlon
Barbara Pocklington      Juliet Wise
Brian Newstead              Graham Wise

Director                          Martin Picken

Tickets are typically available 6-8 weeks prior to each production and can be purchased online via www.eventbrite.co.uk , or from Lower Farm Bed and Breakfast (01832) 273220.